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About kagoon

Kagoon is a social network for information.

Unlike other types of social networks, Kagoon lets you focus on topics you care about; you can modify the topics, write posts about those topics; cite web pages & documents or upload media, and everything is open for commenting and debating.

The people you meet are those who share common interests about your topics.

On top of that you have a full history log so you can be sure that any change in the system made by other users is reversable.

We are building an open platform to share and receive information and tags with other websites (Read more) with the goal of tagging a million paragraphs (there exist nearly infinite but we set a modest goal for now) which were previously hidden in documents and webpages.

About kagoon team

Kagoon was founded by senior internet experts with vast knowledge in engineering, information techlology, social platforms and user experience.

Community leaders

We are seeking to join our team passionate individuals who have knowledge in their domain of expertise (which can be on any topic under the sun), to take on the challange of building an active community of users around that topic.

Please use this page to contact us.