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Webmaster, enrich your visitors' experience!

Studies have shown that the main reason causing visitors to abandon a website is simply... end of content. Add Kagoon widget today, and let your audience enjoy a rich, community-based, context-sensitive content.

What is Kagoon Widget?

It is a small piece of HTML code you embed into your web page, to add a box (in the dimensions of your choice) containing a special minified version of Kagoon.

When visitors enter the page, the widget shows a tree which was configured to the relevant topic, and a content pane with relevant tags (quotations from documents and web pages)

How do I benefit from users interaction?

Users may choose to interact with the widget. They can either perform read operations, such as using the scrollbar, view tags or browse the tree; in this case, they gain better user experience.

However, users may chose to perform actions such as vote-up/vote-down, add a tag, create a tree node, etc. a case in which, the actions of your users are registered in kagoon under the name of your website! So for example, if your website is motorbike.com and one of your users added a tag, it will be shows in tag list as if made by motorbike.com which gives your website better exposure and credibility.

Where does the content come from?

Kagoon's speciality is in allowing users to build the directory themselves and perform focused tagging of external content, notably documents and web pages.

The tags and directory updates come from:

Users who log-in to kagoon.com main site

Users who use widgets on partners' web pages

Our content team, which tags daily in various topics. We direct most of our tagging efforts into topics which attract most traffic (after all, we are a business)

Our academic partners

How can I install Kagoon Widget?

The fastest solution is to Get Kagoon World Widget code

But if you would like a more topic-specific approach, first decide about the location in the tree which will serve as a base for your widget. For example, if you have a medical site specialized in Cardiology, you would probably select the Medical -> Cardiology branch.

If the sub-tree of your desired topic does not yet exist, you may create it (note that registration is needed for that), and short enough it will be filled with relvant content.

Finally, to get the widget code, go to here and press right-click mouse button on a tree node, then choose "widget" (as illustrated on the picture on the right)

Increased visitors' stay time

Since visitors have more content to read, they stay longer and the probability of conversion increased

Increased visitors' satisfaction

The widget is configured to start the tree exactly from the point where it fits your website agenda, so only relevant topics are displayed

Better SEO performance

More relevant and academic-oriented information in your website, is appreciated by search engines such as Goggle and improve search engine ranking

Better Exposure

By default, any tagging action that your visitors are commiting on the widget from your website, is attributed to your website, and is visible from main Kagoon site or other sites using the widget