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Social Directory Tagging.

Giving users a great online environment, to read, classify and retrieve information in a manner faster than ever before!

  • Welcome!

    Access a relevant and focused information in your field of interest, without the need or guess or to know the keywords exactly.

    No more will you have to filter out dozens of irelevant results, because the results will be relevant by-design.

  • Intuative user experience

    Fully-online, web-based, so there is actually no need to download and install anything on your computer !

    Unlike other information-oriented web systems, the UI is rich, So finding the information you want would be a lot of fun, too.

  • Home of the experts

    The system is community-driven where users who contribute value to the system receive material and professional benefits.

    Users who wish only to browse for information, will discover layers of quality, filtered, relevant information, never have been accessible before!

  • The human touch

    Only humans know how humans categorize and search for information, and human mind is based on context, hierachy and associations.

    Only humans can really understand the Semantics of text, and only people expert in the field understand it perfectly.


Having any topic under the sun associated with its relatives in a hierarchial order, in a searchable directory-like structure


What goes around comes around. Value contributors, are rewarded by the system and by the community.

Everything's online.

All uploaded documents are viewable online, so that navigation in tags is fast and efficient.